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MONDAY May 29, 2017

Memorial Day

I thank my God upon every remembrance of you,

Philippians 1:3

Today we commemorate Memorial Day. In 1868, Memorial Day was first called Decoration Day. It was a day to honor the fallen soldiers of the Civil War. In the Arlington National Cemetery, at least 5,000 people gathered at the grave site of over 20,000 Union and Confederate soldiers. They respectfully decorated each grave. Later the day was changed and called Memorial Day. It became a day to honor all of our men and women who died in any war.

Memorial Day became an official holiday in 1971. It was traditionally observed on May 30, but now it is on the last Monday in May, making the observance a three day weekend. Most people enjoy an extra day off work and cherish the quality time with family. Many families gather together to barbeque, picnic and watch the parades or sports. 

However, it is our duty on this Memorial Day to keep these fallen heroes in our minds and hearts. We need to pray for their families who still miss them each and every day. 

We live in unstable times, as there are many nations of the world still at war. Radical Islamic terrorists are determined to kill. They try to cause fear and chaos in whatever country they strike. ISIS recently targeted and killed, twenty two innocent people, many of them children, attending a concert in Manchester, England. 

In these difficult days we need to continue to pray for all our armed forces. We should be thankful for our brave men and women who are ready and willing, if necessary, to lay down their lives to keep America free. 

We must thank our God for the graces and comforts, gifts and usefulness of others, as we receive the benefit and God receives the glory.
~Matthew Henry~