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The Book of Acts

The Book of Acts form the perfect counterpart to the Gospels: In the gospels the Son of Man offered His life; in Acts the Son of God offered His power. In the gospels we see the original seeds of Christianity; in Acts we see the continual growth of the church. The gospels tell us of Christ crucified and risen; Acts speaks of Christ ascended and exalted. The gospels model the Christian life as lived by the perfect Man; Acts models it as lived out by imperfect men.

The Gospel of John


While each of the Gospels presents Christ with a distinct emphasis, the Gospel of John focuses on His greatness as the timeless Creator-God of the universe, as the Word made flesh, as the gracious lover of our souls, and as the only way to the Father.



 At the time this letter was written by Paul, Corinth was a very industrious and wealthy city, but it was also a very idolatrous and immoral city. In the midst of all this, Paul starts a church. This letter describes the problems and solutions facing this church as well as many churches today.



Sermon on the Mount

Do you want to know what kind of character you should have as a Christian? Within the Gospel of Matthew, the Sermon on the Mount speaks directly to this question, exposing us to truths that stand to test us and bring new relevance to our lives.


These sermons cover various holy days and special occasions. Many of these sermons have been given by guest speakers.
This is the revelation of the Person of Jesus Christ. You will get to know Jesus in a new and powerful way. This is the only book in the Bible where there is a "BLESSING to anyone who reads and hears the words of this book.